When viewing a property with us, there are guidelines in place to ensure everyone's safety, to outline our new but hopefully temporary viewing procedures that should keep everyone safe during this period.

If the house is not occupied:

  • We will unlock the house for you, both front doors and back doors, please do not enter the property while we are inside. We will then exit the property at the front and stand back to allow you access, please do not approach the member of staff within a distance of 6 feet.
  • Unfortunately we will not be giving out any brochures and can refer you to our website which will have all relevant property details.
  • Children are not permitted and the maximum number of viewers is limited to two.
  • Please wear gloves to protect yourself from contamination and avoid touching surfaces or handles whenever you can.
  • Once the viewing is complete, we will allow you to leave and we will re-enter the property to turn lights off and lock doors.
  • For simplicity, if you are interested in the property then we can communicate via email or the telephone.

The above is designed to keep us all safe but will enable an enjoyable and hopefully productive viewing.

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